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Paige’s Story

Paige, a bright third grade student on the autism spectrum, sat at home for nearly two months waiting for a school placement that would meet her needs. 

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Jose P. v. Mills

Jose P. v. Mills

Jose P. was filed by a group of New York City school children with disabilities over three decades ago to force the Department of Education to obey federal laws that require appropriate evaluation, placement and services be provided to all students with disabilities. In 1979, a judgment was issued directing a variety of relief measures. Numerous subsequent orders and so-ordered stipulations have been issued since 1979.

The case is filed in federal court for the Eastern District of New York. Co-counsel on the case are Roger Maldonado of Balber Pickard Battistoni Maldonado & Van Der Tuin, PC and Chip Gray, Esq. Along with co-counsel, AFC continues to monitor implementation of the Jose P. judgment and orders.

Associated Documents:

Jose P Complaint [PDF], February 1979

Jose P Judgment [PDF], December 1979

Jose P Consolidated Judgment [PDF], February 1980

Jose P January Plan [PDF], November 1980

Jose P Order [PDF], July 1982

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], June 1983

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], July 1988

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], January 1989

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], August 1990

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], June 1991

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], February 1992

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], March 1992

Jose P Letter [PDF], July 1992

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], September 1992

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], February 1993

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], November 2000

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], June 2002

Jose P Stipulation Amendment [PDF], June 2002

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], May 2003

Jose P Stipulation [PDF], October 2003