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Success Stories: Early Childhood

Early Childhood

three preschool students

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Gabriel, a kindergarten student with speech delays whose first language is Spanish, was placed in a specialized school that was much too low-functioning for him.

Haley has cerebral palsy and developmental delays; her mother came to AFC because she was very concerned that Haley’s kindergarten placement would not promote her physical development.

Izzie was struggling to keep up with her peers in preschool and needed more educational supports in order to progress.

Joseph's mother came to AFC extremely worried about moving him from a full-day, full-year, specialized preschool program to no program at all.

Julian is a 3-year-old preschooler with delays in his language skills, but the DOE failed to provide recommended services.

Mia’s mother called AFC’s Helpline when 3-year-old Mia’s full-day public preschool program told her that she would have to be picked up three hours early every day due to her challenging behavior. 

Micaela is a dual-language learner who is on the autism spectrum and needed an appropriate school placement for kindergarten.

Wayra, who is cognitively gifted and also has significant impairments in speech and language, needed a school that could meet her unique learning needs.