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Success Stories: Immigrant Students & English Language Learners

Immigrant Students & English Language Learners

three male teenagers

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Carlos is a 16-year-old unaccompanied immigrant youth from Guatemala who last attended school at age 11 and was turned away when he attempted to enroll after arriving in New York City.

Cheick, an immigrant student from Mali, was told—illegally—that he had to leave high school and transfer to a high school equivalency program.

Christian is a 19-year-old from El Salvador who was in the 9th grade for the fifth time and whose principal had suggested that he sign himself out of high school.

Jonatan needed assistance enrolling in an appropriate high school, as he was interested in finishing his education but had not attended since arriving in the U.S.

Michelle, a 20-year-old from Haiti, spoke very little English but had dreams of earning a high school diploma and attending college.

Ryan, a 15-year old who entered high school reading at a second-grade level because his school failed to identify him as a student with a disability.